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Polar Joint

Polar Joint

Superior joint design

Geared toward the special requirements we have invested years of research to develop our new ems-isolier® Polar joint design. Through to the optimized accuracy in fit, the new system offers an outstanding air-tightness and reduce the thermal bridging.

  • Optimized joint design and accuracy in fit
  • Improved joint stability
  • More excellent air-thightness and no loss
    of coldness

With thicknesses of between 80 and 220 mm, our panels seal safely without the need for additional measures.


Comparison Standard Joint and new POLAR-Joint

Official industry tests show just how impressive our new product is. The yellow area shows the requirement and the blue area shows the performance of our joint. Even under a signi cant amount of pressure, our new ems-isolier® Polar remains super air-tight.

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