The special joint geometry is one of the most important characteristics of the insulating panels. They have been developed to meet high demands in terms of their joint tightness which is needed to meet the demands of refrigerated store and deep freezer storage construction. The following alternatives are available to choose from, to meet your requirements and budget.

Polar Joint

Superior joint design

Geared toward the special requirements we have invested years of research to develop our new ems-isolier® Polar joint design. Through to the optimized accuracy in fit, the new system offers an outstanding air-tightness and reduce the thermal bridging.

  • Optimized joint design and accuracy in fit
  • Improved joint stability
  • More excellent air-thightness and no loss
    of coldness

With thicknesses of between 80 and 220 mm, our panels seal safely without the need for additional measures.


Comparison Standard Joint and new POLAR-Joint

Official industry tests show just how impressive our new product is. The yellow area shows the requirement and the blue area shows the performance of our joint. Even under a signi cant amount of pressure, our new ems-isolier® Polar remains super air-tight.

Standard Joint

Whether for positive temperatures, freezing or shock freezing chambers, ems-isolier® cold store panels have been a standard in cold store construction over decades, consistently complying with customers’ requirements. Ten different panel thicknesses ranging from 40 to 220 mm are available. The specific joint geometry designed for cold stores (from EM 60) creates a tight labyrinth seal, ensuring that the joints are sealed with the required tightness even at the lowest temperatures with no need for additional sealing components.

To achieve vapour diffusion tightness, you may add ems-isolier® Elast sealing compound. Which is particularly suited for ultra-low refrigeration, clean room, and CA/ULO storage applications.

The ems-isolier® hollow-chamber profile-self-adhesive (ems-isolier® HCP-s) rounds off the homogenous effect of the inner surfaces. Used as an optical joint closure, it also meets hygiene requirements, as it prevents the penetration of dirt.

Horizontal Joint

Horizontally installed ems-isolier® cold store panels for cold and deep-freeze stores are visually pleasing and of high-value design. We have re-designed the joint geometry for horizontal installation, as an asymmetrical panel joint offers a range of benefits.

On the outside, the inclination of the groove flank prevents water from penetrating. Even in the case of driving rain, the water can run off in a controlled manner without getting into the joint. This prevents the joints from freezing. The opposite side of the joint has a groove for accommodating the well-proven ems-isolier® hollow chamber profile. Thus, a visually homogenous wall surface is created inside the cold or deep-freeze store and hygienic conditions are ensured.

By using ems-Elast in the outer joint, additional protection against driving rain is achieved.

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