Installation and accessories

From accessoires to accent

The only perfect solution is holistic. Whether you are looking for standard flashings or special solutions – make use of our large range of products and possibilities. From flashings to works standard to individual accessories to meet your needs: you will set benchmarks in terms of architecture and design.

It is up to you: standard or special flashings up to 6 m in length and 3 mm thick, sandwich corners, fasteners, sealing tapes and other intelligent accessories – for a perfect solution.

Detailed information is available from our brochures: “Flashings and accessories”, “Folded parts” and “sandwich, corner and parapet panels”.

Ceiling suspension

Ceiling suspension Al-T Profile

Part no. consisting of suitable for product
  Part Designation   ems-isolier®
Z53-011  1   Al T profile anodized perforated (6000 mm)                       
Z53-021  2a   Threaded rod M10 - right-hand thread   
Z53-022  2b   Threaded rod M10 - left-hand thread
Z53-031  3a   Threaded rod M10 - right-hand thread
Z53-032  3b   Threaded rod M10 - left-hand thread
Z53-041  4a   Clevis - right-hand thread
Z53-042  4b   Clevis - left-hand thread
Z53-051  5   Spring cup pin


Flexible solutions to meet special demands

Individually shaped, constructed of steel sheet or aluminium, the corner pieces can be used in a variety of ways.

To achieve vapour diffusion tightness, you may add ems-elast sealing compound. Which is particularly suited for ultra-low refrigeration, clean room, and CA/ULO storage applications.


Ergänzend zu unseren leistungsstarken Sandwichsystemen bieten wir Ihnen mit unserer Produktgruppe SafeDefence Rammschutzsysteme wie Barrieren und Führungsschienen. Dazu gehören unter anderem eine Auswahl an innovativen Aufprall absorbierenden Pfosten, Sockelleisten, Rammschutzlösungen und Führungsschienen.

Gefertigt sind Sie aus hochleistungsfähigem, hochdichtem Polyethylen, das einen stabilen Metallträger ummantelt. Sie sind getestet und zertifiziert und bieten Mensch und Material zuverlässig Schutz vor Unfällen oder Beschädigungen. Besonders eignen sie sich für eine Verwendung in Kühl- und Lagerhäusern.


» Rammschutzsysteme - Broschüre (PDF format, 666 kB)



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