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FS 5000

FS 5000

FS 5000 – excellent properties for high demands

If required, you can order our ems-isolier® panels with the special FS 5000 coating; this is characterised by a structured and smooth finish on the visible side. The GRP plate FS 5000 (glass fi ber reinforced plastic plate), with a thickness of 2.0 mm and enhanced with an additional PET film or gelcoat surface treatment, provides first-class corrosion behaviour under aggressive circumstances.
Both surfaces also protect reliably against bacteria, germs, and many chemicals. The GRP plate FS 5000 ensures a highly effective and effi cient surface protection for the use in coldstore construction and food safe areas.

  • Fruit processing
  • Butchery
  • I ce and dairy products
  • Areas with drinking water
  • Wall surfaces in hospitals
  • Wetroom
  • Spaces of food processing
  • Ripening rooms for cheese
  • Clean rooms

Advantages and features

  • Suitable for indoor use in the food industry with high demands on resistance against mechanical loads
  • Very good chemicals and stain resistance due to injury-insensitive surface
  • Food safe and easy to clean surface
  • Robust, abrasion-resistant and durable
  • Can be used from -2 °C to +30 °C

On demand:

  • FS 5000 is available with our
  • ems-isolier® panel POLAR and ems-isolier® panel EM
  • Element thicknesses from 40 – 220 mm (EM)
  • Element thicknesses from 80 – 220 mm (POLAR)

Delivery length

  • Standard 2 to 8 m (other lengths on request)


  • To factory standard


  • Surface sealing: PET film or gelcoat
    GRP plate: Thickness: 2.0 mm; Glass fiber mats, UP resin


Joint material:

  • ems® adhesive sealant 25 (ems® KL 25)
  • Pneumatic cartridge gun especially for ems® KL 25

DOWNLOAD: Data sheet FS 5000


The individual specifications in this datasheet are guaranteed properties only if they are expressly confirmed as such in writing in each specific case. Subject to technical changes.

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