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Coating systems

The result of this symbiosis of steel and coating: Corrosion protection that is second to none. Benefit from the competence of a market leader in terms of surface finishes, which offers you freedom when you design your creative solutions.

Standard SP / PVDF / DU / LMF

For external use:

SP (Paint system)

Hot-dip galvanised steel sheet with two-layer annealed sheet coating on the visible side, nominal coating thickness 25 µm, polyester-based paint, rear side protective paint (RSL).

PVDF (Paint system)

Hot-dip galvanised steel sheet with high-quality two-layer annealed sheet coating on the visible side, nominal coating thickness 25 µm, polyvinylidene fluoride-based paint, rear side protective paint (RSL).

For internal use:

DU (Paint system)

Hot-dip galvanised steel sheet with sheet coating on the visible side, nominal coating thickness 12 µm, polyester-based paint, rear side protective paint (RSL) nominal coating thickness 10 µm. Only for use in dry rooms and where there are low anti-corrosion requirements. A uniform colour cannot be guaranteed due to the low nominal coating thickness, even in closed lots.

Special coating systems

LMF is a laminated food film with a nominal coating thickness of 150 µm. It is only suitable for indoor use.

FS 3000

FS 3000 – 25 μm coating

It goes without saying that in particular in the food-processing industry, the greatest emphasis is placed on the hygiene properties of the panels used. It was especially for this industry that we developed the FS 3000® special coating, which has been certifi ed as innocuous by independent institutes. We help you in the selection of cleaning products. We have tested detergents in cooperation with our partner FINKtec and can recommend the suitable cleaning product for all coating systems.


Certificate - Coating system FS 3000

FS 4000

FS 4000 – 40 μm surface

Coating structure

  • Three layers, made up of a surface-finished thin sheet, coloured paint and a transparent PET foil as a cover.The PET foil is durably bonded onto the substrate. The coating is free from halogen and PVC.


Product features

  • Only for indoor use in the food industry, meets high demands for formability and resistance to mechanical load and specific chemical impact.
  • Very good durability and resistance to mechanical surface damage.
  • Very good resistance to chemicals and stains due to insensitive surface.
  • Certified by an independent institute as physiologically harmless according to the Foodstuffs and Commodities Act (LFBG) and the Consumer Goods Ordinance (BGV).
  • Unlike FS3000 25 μm and LMF 150 μm, many colour variants are available, food compatibility is ensured by the PET foil.
  • Suitable for temperatures from -196 °C to + 50 °C.


Certificate - Coating system FS 4000

  Certificate - Coating system FS 4000

FS 5000

FS 5000 – outstanding characteristics for demanding applications

If required, you can order our ems-isolier® panels with the special FS 5000 coating; this is characterised by a structured fi nish on the visible side. The FS 5000 GRP pane (glass-reinforced plastic pane), with a thickness of only 2.3 mm and enhanced with an additional PET fi lm surface treatment, provides fi rst-class corrosion behaviour under aggressive circumstances. The PET sheet seal also protects reliably against bacteria, germs, and many chemicals. The FS 5000 GRP pane thus ensures a highly effective and effi cient surface protection for use in coldstore construction.

  • Fruit processing
  • Abattoirs
  • Ice and milk production
  • Potable water
  • Wall surfaces in hospitals

Benefits and characteristics

  • Suitable for interior applications in the foodstuffs industry where there are demanding requirements for resistance to mechanical loads
  • Very good resistance to chemicals and stains because surface is insusceptible to damage
  • Safe for use with foodstuffs, and has easy-to-clean surface
  • Can be used between -30 °C and +50 °C

Available on request:

  • FS 5000 is available with our ems-isolier® panel POLAR and ems-isolier® panel EM
  • Element thicknesses from 40 – 220 mm

Delivered length

  • As standard, 1 to 5 m (other lengths upon request)


  • To works standard


  • Surface sealing: PET film
    GRP pane: Thickness: 2.3 mm; Glass fleece, glass mat, UP resin


Jointing material:

  • ems-isolier® 2K joint sealant
  • ems Primer
  • ems Compressed air pistol

DOWNLOAD: Data sheet FS 5000

Stainless steel

Stainless steel

The bright-rolled stainless steel is smooth and has not been ground, and so nothing can remain attached to or penetrate the surface. The stainless steel surface thus fulfils the demanding hygiene requirements for internal use in foodstuff processing operations. The surface is a winner because of its remarkable properties, which are above all characterised by high corrosion resistance and a long working life.


Product features

  • high corrosion resistance
  • simple cleaning
  • outstanding abrasion resistance
  • perfect for indoor use
  • high resistance to accidental mechanical damage
  • high resistance to chemicals
  • stain resistance thanks to an non sensitive surface
  • diffuse light refraction thanks to a textured surface to reduce glare

DOWNLOAD: Stainless steel - Data sheet

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