Installation and accessories

From accessoires to accent

The only perfect solution is holistic. Whether you are looking for standard flashings or special solutions – make use of our large range of products and possibilities. From flashings to works standard to individual accessories to meet your needs: you will set benchmarks in terms of architecture and design.

It is up to you: standard or special flashings up to 6 m in length and 3 mm thick, sandwich corners, fasteners, sealing tapes and other intelligent accessories – for a perfect solution.

Detailed information is available from our brochures: “Flashings and accessories”, “Folded parts” and “sandwich, corner and parapet panels”.

Ceiling suspension

Ceiling suspension Al-T Profile

Part no. consisting of suitable for product
  Part Designation   ems-isolier®
Z53-011  1   Al T profile anodized perforated (6000 mm)                       
Z53-021  2a   Threaded rod M10 - right-hand thread   
Z53-022  2b   Threaded rod M10 - left-hand thread
Z53-031  3a   Threaded rod M10 - right-hand thread
Z53-032  3b   Threaded rod M10 - left-hand thread
Z53-041  4a   Clevis - right-hand thread
Z53-042  4b   Clevis - left-hand thread
Z53-051  5   Spring cup pin


Flexible solutions to meet special demands

Individually shaped, constructed of steel sheet or aluminium, the corner pieces can be used in a variety of ways.

To achieve vapour diffusion tightness, you may add ems-elast sealing compound. Which is particularly suited for ultra-low refrigeration, clean room, and CA/ULO storage applications.
ems-isolier® HCP - s

Product features

The self-adhesive ems-isolier® hollow-chamber profile - s (ems-isolier® HCP - s) forms a clean and sealed closure of our ems joints.


  • Material: thermoplastic elastomer
  • Use:        ems-isolier® PU and PU-FW cold store panels
  • Weight:   approx. 1.8 kg / bunch / approx. 3.6 /box



Delivery status prior to installation

  • The ems-isolier® HCP - s is bonded-in on the spring side in the factory
  • An adhesive strip for the connection is on the groove side
  • Pull the pink-coloured protective film off of the adhesive strip.
  • Then join the panels together
  • Panel is mounted with the ems-isolier® HCP - s and is thus bonded on both sides.
  • The seal is tested up to 600 Pa

The 16-003461-PR02 Certificate is provided in our download area.

Technical data

  • Can be cleaned to 600 Pa
  • max. temperature +80 °C
  • Low-temperature elasticity to -40 °C
  • Resistant to acrylic paint
  • Resistant to ageing
  • Weather-resistant
  • Resistant to light cracking
  • Ozone-resistant
  • PVC-free
  • Shrink characteristics: 0.6 – 0.7 %

DOWNLOAD: Data sheet ems-isolier® HCP - s


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